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WLAST - Geoff and Lori DeMark

Geoff and Lori DeMark are both parents, Loudoun Public School art teachers [he at Woodgrove and she at Harmony] and they are both working artisans. On this first day of the show, Stop 27, both are busy with visitors. Their two car garage studio and gallery for the day, showcases Geoff’s pottery and Lori’s jewelry.

Geoff and Lori Demark

This is their second year with the tour and it turns out during my time with them was very good, with the duo offering a little something for everyone. Geoff tells me, “It’s been fun.” Their kids are eleven, nine and seven years of age and Geoff shares that, “My main motivation last year was that I want my kids to see this, I want them to be part of it.” The kids watched them work and became part of what they were doing. These are life lessons kids never forget and just another offering that the tour provides for both its artists and patrons.

Geoff and Lori Demarks studio

When leaving the DeMark’s home, I had a very nice conversation with a couple of those art loving patrons, Mildred Porter and Martha Martley, who came from Ashburn. It was at least their forth year of visiting the tour. I could tell the tour was something they looked forward to doing together each year. Both had already purchased the work of their favorite photographer Susan Breen and love visiting the studio of Jeffery Hall.

Visit the WLAST studio tour site to see more about Geoff DeMark and Lori DeMark.