Thomas Neel Fine Art

Corporate spaces are about image and mood.  Image affects those who visit your space and mood affects those on the team that work there every day.  Many corporations turn to modern art because it often has no distinguishable narrative.  In other words, the walls aren’t blank anymore and there’s less fear of the art defining the company.  Those that have chosen Tom Neel paintings have chosen to define themselves, their company, their team, and their space through his art.

Focus Wealth Management is located in the Virginia countryside and caters to that clientele. Their clients feel that ease through the Tom Neel painting they chose.  Lockheed Martin commissioned Tom Neel to create a painting of their F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which Tom then reproduced into high-quality prints for their project partners including Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems.  Chef extraordinaire and The Inn at Little Washington owner, Patrick O’Connell, chose Tom to create the painting “Onward & Upward” to celebrate his company’s 30th Anniversary.  This symbolic image was then used in many ways to further promote his award-winning business.

Most importantly, Tom Neel treats corporate business as a person of business, with excellent customer service and communication.  Be it your corporate space, the perfect retirement gift or presentation, we know you’ll be pleased.  We ask that you have a look at some of the examples and quotes below in your consideration for meaningful art and then feel free to contact Tom Neel directly at his studio to explore your possibilities, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Corporate Clients Include  - Creighton Farms, Boston based Southworth Development, Lockheed Martin, Ferrari-Maserati-Lamborghini Washington, Winchester Medical Center, Van Metre Homes, Focus Wealth Management, Wolf Trap Park, The Inn At Little Washington, Salamander Resort & Spa, Bugatti North America, The Middleburg Eccentric, The Hill School and more.

More Corporate Works by Thomas Neel