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Do You Watch Sunrises, Sunsets, Both or Neither?

There’s are few things as powerful a jump start for you day as watching the sun rise and fill your surroundings with the energy of light. It is as unmistakable a call to action to get going and make most of your day, as you can have.


It is both natural and on its most beautiful days it’s the best motivational speaker you will ever find. A truly witnessed sunrise, as it just breaks the horizon and slowly, but so deliberately casts itself upon everything, drawing long moving shadows which will by noon be all but gone, is a sight to behold.


In turn, the suns end of day performance is no slouch.  Though it may be eventually sending us to bed. One must remember, one man’s sunset is another man’s sunrise and oh, isn’t this is a way of thinking about others you share this world with.


We are a world of time zones. Worldly sunrises and sunsets, days always beginning somewhere and therefore, the only true end of days is the last one you spend.  Make the best of days!

Live an artful life!