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There's Nothing Quite Like a Spring Bloom

People often talk about the season of Spring as a rebirth.  Well, yes it is.  But it’s also a magical lesson in color. 

Nature delivers an abundant spectrum.  So wonderfully delicious if your appetite is not black and white. Yesterday my wife Linda was wearing a hot pink blouse. It said Spring and gave her a rosy complexion … and she was in harmony with our flowery surroundings while visiting the charming village of Little Washington, Virginia. 

Linda in garden

Color is largely there as a form of attraction.  It attracts the pollinators, colorful male birds attract their mates and hey, we hums can attract each other, while looking so attractive.  In fact, try this little fashion lesson.  While buying a blouse or shirt, instead of just trying on sizes, really try on color and don’t just look at the blouse or shirt, look what it does to your face.  Everyone’s complexion is different and the color casts color on that complexion. The key is finding the colors that make you radiant and alive. Cast the right supporting actor and the lead looks great baby!

Live an artful life!