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29 Years And Just Getting Started

Saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, is like saying you could have never taught that dog in the first place. Life does work that way. We don’t learn everything we know while we are young. We do, however form a lot of habits. Some good, some bad and habits are often hard to change, especially the bad ones. But life is yours. What you do with it, what you make of it and what you learn when is up to you.

There’s also that saying, “I learn something new everyday.” Now we’re talking, that’s a saying I can live by! Life itself is a lesson. Without increasing your experiences and your knowledge, you wallow in a stagnant muck, and there long enough, you won’t move forward, you will sink. It’s the reason why people who simply work a job all of their life and finally retire, don’t know what do with themselves. They become what they do and when the doing is done, they are too.

Teaching an old dog new tricks

I’m 29 years into my second career and these words I write right now are transformative ones, as they are the words of a long time writer, moving in a broadened creative path. I spent over a decade in the automotive industry and I still love cars and motorcycles, but it stopped being what I do for a living. I learned a lot and in fact, I still learn new things related to cars almost everyday. Now I’ve spent 29 years as a working artist and this career has become far, far more than a making-a-living career. It’s become a lifestyle, one I know very well. Well enough that I’ve been writing about it for over ten of those years, but possibly not surprising I’ve been writing about cars and motorcycles for many years too. In fact, I wrote a column for my high school paper over forty years ago. Hum, this writing this has a hold of me and I learn new things about both the lifestyle of being an artist and writing almost everyday. What would I do without creative growth?

You can teach a old dog new tricks and in fact, this old dog is just getting started and I’m happy to share as much as I can right here. Here goes!

Live an artful life!