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Adapting and Getting Creative

| Thomas Neel

I can remember back to September 11th, 2001, having Good Morning America on and witnessing the live coverage of airliners hitting the World Trade Center. It was very late in the broadcast when they switched to live cameras aimed at the building and the aftermath of the first plane hitting. Then plane number two quickly came into view and making a second hit on the now smoldering building. Things only got worse as the story developed, and by the time the smoke cleared, we all knew our world would never be the same. 

At the time this all took place my fine art business was well underway. But it was very difficult to fathom the depth of possible damage done to my market and business. Who will want artwork I thought? As it turned out, many canceled vacations abroad and stayed home. They decided to focus on other safer things. Business did not drop off, it actually picked up.

The is the perfect book to read to keep your creativity going!

Often, when bad things happen, new pathways open and I have found several friends and family members who have turned to creativity or learning something new. Many have found themselves once again. We as Americans live a hustle-bustle lifestyle and the past couple of months has been a reboot of our system. 

Yes, I know many are hurting and it is our duty as citizens to lend a hand wherever possible. But many have also adapted… They’ve gotten creative in how to fit the circumstances and I tip my hat to all of you. When you live an artful life, you find greatness in yourself and apply it. I hope this has been your path and that you are blessed with wellness!

Live an artful life, 


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