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When Your Creative Skill Comes in Handy

| Thomas Neel

It finally happened, the need for homemade masks! My, my, it’s a brave new world. But here we are, looking like a couple of bank robbers! Still, it seemed the right thing to do for the short term and it allowed Linda to put her sewing talent to good use.

Creativity is that way. It’s the thing that gets us excited to make things and through that, we increase our skills. One day those skills come in handy. It could be making a mask or making a sign, or making a costume, or making a gift. Creative skill sets are a very good thing.

Now, while I have you I would like to take a moment to mention something else, which frankly has been bothering me. One need not go much further than FaceBook in finding all sorts of “friends” spreading nothing but doom and gloom. Listen, we all know this virus is serious, but folks please look past the morning and evening news outlets for your factual information. They are not in the business of delivering anything but what sells advertising.

If you look at the factual statistics, things are improving. Heck hospital beds across the country are so empty they are furloughing staff because no one is having procedures, and they are not nearly as overrun from the virus as one is led to believe. Washington State has peaked and New York has seen a 4-day drop. Things are improving. I am in no way trying to minimize the virus, rather just being objective. There is light in the tunnel. There is hope that some normalcy in our lives is not far off.

Believe in optimism!! Do not be one of the people who feel it’s your roll in life to repeat the bad news you saw on TV to everyone else on a pessimistic platter. Get the facts, because the facts will show you that things are getting better. Maybe slowly, but they are. Chin up!

Live an artful life,

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