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Hopefully Your Artfulness is Coming in Handy

stacked rocks
For those of you who kindly read my blog posts, I want you to know that I will not enjoy getting off to a start on this one and you know why.

As we face a world seemingly spinning off its axis, I would rather pick people up and have some level of optimism, but it’s hard to not acknowledge the elephant in the room first. We’ve all been basically sequestered and as many artists like hiding under a rock anyway, let’s make the best of it. Okay, I’ve acknowledged it and hope that this post finds everyone well.

If and when you possibly can, go to your studio, your sanctuary for creativity, and create. Reach in you and find what you are looking for. Peace, unity, understanding, wisdom, love. You are not looking for fear or disbelief. You are not looking for bewilderment. You are looking for meditation, less outside information and more inside info. Go there, go to your soul and create it. Be at one with you.

As you enter your creative space, close your eyes, think of the greatness in you. See and feel light and then become it. All that other stuff is not allowed to enter, not right now. This is your time to be with you. Give yourself a few minutes if possible to explore the adventure of you. Now open your eyes and create from that place. Imagine the results as positive and the foundation of the inner you. Stand on that foundation and grow.

Live an artful life,


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