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Redefining Creative Success

hands painted with the earth's image
I have been thinking about the reality of things. Having written positive messages to creative types for so long, I have also had to come to grips with something.

There is a whole bunch of incredibly talented people in the world and it’s simply not likely that all will succeed in making a living at their craft. There, I’ve said it. I don’t feel good about it, but that’s just the way it is.

When you look at the proliferation of talent shows that hit the airwaves worldwide and think only of the top 10 contestants for each, that massive number leaves so many others who go home broken-hearted. When you think of how many go in search of making it, journeying to places like Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, etc., you can find a world littered with broken dreams. There’s just so many pretty faces, great voices, talented artists, and even originality.

So we have to ask ourselves, in reality, is there room for everyone to find success doing what they love to do? Well, the optimist in me feels yes, technically anybody can make it happen. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for it, but some apply themselves to every trace of opportunity and make their way to the top. Still, there’s a lot of luck involved too.

Unfortunately, as hard as we all may try, most won’t be successful in terms of financially. For those who choose to go for it and not except anything less than making it, I say GO FOR IT!! But to the rest, perhaps redefining your creative success is appropriate.

Creativity and the world of the arts should be thought of as not being a bunch of creative types doing their own thing. Rather, we all should be looked at as a worldwide community of artists, artisans, craftspeople, musicians, writers, photographers, art educators, and so on, all contributing to the international community and conversation of the arts. The arts are a massive multi-piece of fabric covering the globe. It’s made up of millions upon millions of tiny pieces and stitches, all woven and interconnected into the great human experiment of all time. It’s centuries-old and you are adding to it with every little contribution you make. Now that’s a pretty powerful thing!

Even if you do not make a cent with your art, defining your success should begin with your happiness. Seek that one thing and you’ll be on a good path. But always remember, you are part of a grand world. Linked with those who speak a creative language and together become one big creative voice and that’s pretty cool.

Live an artful life,



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