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Don’t Dream Without Acting On Your Dreams!

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We all have dreams. So why do some dreams come true and others remain as, well, just dreams? I think part of it is due to how we think of dreams. For too many, dreams are built out of fairy-tails, never meant to really come true.

Dreams are simply our freedom to - dream. That’s all well and good if you feel less than worthy of a great thought or desire being your reality. But for many, a dream come true is wanted, but it just seems completely out of reach.

I’m not here to tell you every dream you have will come true, but I can tell you dreams coming true are manifested by your strong belief that you deserve the dreams you desire and put your mind to having what you want.

Let me ask, what is the difference between a dream and a goal? While a goal is an objective, a dream is more properly defined as subconscious thought. Something you do while sleeping. But hope and dreams are known to be more and in this light, I see no difference between the two. Dreams to me are just big goals. Sure, you can be an overly creative dreamer. WAIT, did I just say that?!! Actually, I’m not sure you ever can be, but I can see the possibility of someone thinking above themselves with what they dream for. You see, if you are going to dream big, you have to act big. Not tall, but filled with the action intended to make your dreams come true.

Over thirty years ago, while in my early 30’s, I had more than a dream of being a successful artist. Not just an artist, but one who could thrive! I acted on this dream because I felt it was the gratifying thing to do, the healthy thing to do, the smart thing to do and therefore the right thing to do. Armed with this conviction, I set out to make that dream come true. But as we’ve all heard how the universe powers our intentions, I believe this was the defining factor in my success.

Some people work alone and some people work to have the universe work with and for them. You see, I brought the talent, expertise and even business knowledge to the game, but the universe and my good intentions brought me my wife Linda. I built the rocket and Linda was the launch pad. Though every painting I created had my name in the lower corner, hers could have easily been included.

If you have a dream and it has your passion, act on that dream. Put your heart and soul into it and believe that the universe will be a willing partner in you making your dream into a reality.


Live an artful life,



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