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Time Passing Is A Bit Like Flying

flying airplane

Where did the year go? No, wait a minute, where did the decade go?

Time is each and every one of our’s most important resources. It is precious, and while we still find time to waste it, we certainly blow through plenty of it working.

Yet productivity can be a good thing to use your time for. Not only do you get something done, you may also feel a sense of accomplishment. Still, if you didn’t have to work, would you? If the answer is no, then you should make sure that the time you dedicate to work is in good balance with the other important parts of your life. The time spent on you, your family and friends, hobbies, and hopefully creativity fits in there somewhere too!

Time is something we all need to have a relationship with. A good understanding of how time fits into your life is important because plenty of us get that one thing wrong. I can share that over thirty years ago when I choose to switch careers to become an artist, time was certainly something I understood. My father passing away at the young age of 52 left me in my early 20’s with a powerful understanding of how short life can be. I didn’t want to waste any of it doing something that was making me unhappy. I felt the only one who was really in control of my life was me, and I wanted to spend my time doing something that brought me joy, satisfaction, pride and to some degree a sense of control. None of us completely controls how much lifetime we have, but we all can have some control over how we spend the time we have.

Time seems to move slower in our youthful years and speeds up as we age. It’s a bit like flying. If you are flying high in an airplane, speed isn’t very relevant. But fly closer to the ground and the things whip on by allowing you to understand and relate to how fast you are moving. Life works this way too. At infancy, you are like a plane taxing to the runway. You take off with great teenage energy and head for the sky. Once you reach your middle age cruising altitude, time seems to move slowly. You watch some movies, have a snack, go to the bathroom, and after what seems an eternity, all of a sudden the captain comes over the speaker and says, “Yoo-hoo, time to fold away your tray tables and put your seat in an upright position. We will be landing at retirement airport momentarily.”

You look out the window and the relationship to speed increases and you’ll soon be landing. Unfortunately, you’re heading toward the terminal. Oh no!!!!

As we embark on a new year and decade, take time to be creative with your time. Live an artful life …. always!



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