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It Takes A Village

teamwork graphic in color
The creation of art is often a very solitary endeavor. As artists we find ourselves making all of the decisions from conception through to completion. Sometimes this singlehanded-ness approach continues right on through with the promotion of yourself, the marketing of the art you’ve just created and even with its hopeful sale. Sure, collaboration is possible, but many go it completely alone.

I have had the luck, pleasure, good fortune, and whatever other kind words you can use to prop up the fact, that my wife Linda has, throughout my career as an artist, been a willing partner in my creative journey. Hands-on where she needs to be and allows me free flight everywhere else. It’s a two-person team that’s worked for a very long time.

But sometimes you need a bigger team, and not just in volume, but in smarts. Sometimes you can’t physically do it all, while still being creative, and sometimes you can’t do it all because you don’t know exactly what works best or how to efficiently accomplish the task at hand.

Writing the book Live An Artful Life was an achievement and that could be that. But hey, achievement or not, this wasn’t my goal. The goal was to help others with a product I created. The book Live An Artful Life is informative and I truly believe it is a value product of my three decades of being an artist. So it’s one thing to have brought Live An Artful Life alive in words, but then there’s getting the word out.

To do this, Linda and I have just enlarged our team by hiring the public relations firm of Smith Publicity. So far communication has been stellar and things are just getting underway. It’s exciting to have a team of people excited about Live An Artful Life. Enthusiasm to spread the word just plain feels good. The moral of this story is, of course, sometimes a team of one or two just won’t do, when a team of six or more is better for sure!

Live an artful life!


An autographed copy of Live An Artful Life is available here.  It can also be purchased through Amazon.