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Being Carefree

Child walking in autumn leaves

In Chapter 8 “Overcoming Obstacles” from my book Live An Artful Life, I say, Children are carefree. If you look at the basic definition of the word carefree, it pretty much says it all; free from anxiety and responsibility. I then go on to say that I like to think of being carefree as not being controlled by anxiety and responsibility.

So, close your eyes and think about what is on your mind. Is it, I have the day off to do anything I want for as long as I want? Is it, today would be a good day to start a fun project? Or, are you saying to yourself I only have 10 minutes to read Tom’s blog before I have to start dinner, or get to work, or pick up the kids, or…. Then ask yourself what you have on your mind? Is it very little or are the political polarizing news flashes pounding at you, or one of the many commercial advertisements you’ve heard in the last 12 hours? Maybe some pharmaceutical fear-mongering about the latest drug that they think you should ask your doctor about? This is what I’m talking about when I talk about being controlled by anxiety and responsibility.

Now, please don’t misread me. I realized we all have things we have to do and a little news keeps one aware of the world we live in. But we also both know that most media “is” about selling you something. They don’t give you their info for free, they trade it for your ear with the intention of having you do business with their sponsors. …. and FEAR SELLS, anxiety is addictive. Which is why the weather is the most profitable part of your local newscast, even though there are many less invasive ways of getting the weather forecast. You don’t have to go to the spooky STORM CENTER!! These tactics are all ways of controlling you.

Responsibilities too. They are important, but I’m convinced they are not as important as your health and stress relief is a big part of health. You can enjoy 30 minutes out of your day without imploding, but we are conditioned all our lives to be the little mouse of the spinning wheel. Run, run, run, don’t stop until you collapse in bed, and then toss and turn with everything on your mind.

Turn off the news and have confidence that the world will not end. Take a break before the election year begins!!! Then it’s time to relax and give yourself a brain massage. Creativity is the ultimate brain massage. Enjoy.

Live an artful life,


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