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Your Imagination is the Key to Unlocking Yourself Mentally

two people painting by the ocean

I go on to say, And being creative will never let you see four blank walls for long. This is straight from my book, Live An Artful Life, Chapter 14 - Ageless Artistry. It is estimated that 10,000 people per day retire.

If you’re rubbing your eyes to see if you read that number correctly, yes, I said 10,000 per day. The number itself is not an exact one but rather built out of the number of people in this country (baby boomers) turning the ripe retirement age of 65. For some, retirement happens earlier and for some, even many, it never happens at all. Wherever you might fit into this mix, if you are on the verge or have just retired, how you spend your non-working hours is very important. One wants to be what? HAPPY. As we know, happiness means different things to different people. Some just want time with their kids or grandchildren. Others look to be nourished by travel, tennis, golf, sewing, knitting, or time with their classic car. It’s all good as long as you are happy and healthy too. There is, of course, a financial element to this.

I’m nearing retirement age, but my creative productivity will never have me being idle. Creativity was my bread and butter, and even if it doesn’t bring me a dime, it will still be my mental bread and butter. My brother though is retiring soon and after 45 straight years as a salesperson, he’s ready to call it 100% quits! No more running up and down the road, no more sales calls, no more quotas or looking for new accounts. Done, over, time to relax. But he admittedly is a big cat in a small cage when it comes to sitting idle. His mind is always going and boredom can set in quickly.

In preparation for his big day, I would direct him and others, possibly even you, to the words here again that I said above. Your Imagination is the key to unlocking yourself mentally. And being creative will never let you see four blank walls for long. Creativity can save you during bad weather or downtimes on your soon to be loaded, social calendar! In my brother’s case, as many do, he’s started a “to-do” list. But recently revisiting his love of photography I think could be the thing that saves him. Photography is creative and it’s a hobby that can be done outside or in. It can even offer computer time with your library of photographs. Photos also make great gifts, or an exhibit may come his way.

If you haven’t found your creative thing yet, it’s okay, I would just ask that you try. Leave your adult-driven self behind though and just have fun. I also go on to say, I’m convinced that humans need to be accomplishing things almost right up until the day they die. This does not mean with the pressure cooker stress that work may have brought you. No, no, no! But having things to accomplish, like creative projects, are a way of reminding yourself it’s Tuesday or what day of the week it is!

The best part of this concept is that you do not have to try one thing, just allow creativity to be an important part of your ageless life. Be happy and healthy.

Live an artful life!



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