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Remember To Say Thank You

candle surrounded by words of gratitude

You deserve the life,
An artful life can bring.
Filled to the brim with gratitude,
And surrounded by creative things!
         This poem is an excerpt from the book
       "Live An Artful Life - The Art of Living Artfully"

If you can spend meaningful parts of your life doing something creative or being surrounded by artful living, please remember to remind yourself of the incredible blessing you have been given. In some parts of the world, actually, a big part of the world is not so fortunate. Many live either in government creative suppression, or they are so impoverished, being or doing anything creative is mostly out of reach.

Honor those who can’t be creative by being as creative as you can. This is a wealth you are privileged enough to have, and something you can be lucky enough to enjoy.

Live an artful life,



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