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The Passing of a Friend

The face of Revlon the cat

I’ve often said that creativity is my friend. There’s been plenty of days when it has spoken to me or I to it in the most useful ways. There have been days when I’ve leaned on it or it on me to make something happen, something out of nothing. I have painted or been in the height of creativity through the worst and best of economic times, and times of great sorrow and happiness.

Fortunately, my creativity has never passed. It has lived strongly and I have never had to say goodbye to it. But this week, another friend whose been through all of those good times and bad, those sad and happy times, has passed. I am speaking about our cat Revlon, who at fifteen had to go visit that big kitty playground in the sky. Revlon had a sister named Mabelline who we just as painfully lost to similar health issues about two years ago. The loss of Mabelline rushed back in with the loss of Revlon and I must share that the emotional loss of both was pretty overwhelming.

I don’t like really thinking of pets as support systems as much as friends, or like creativity, something or someone you truly wish to spend time with. They are, for the most part, both, a source of happiness, even if frustrating at times, or life-shaping, meaning our lives revolve around them. But what happens when that involvement is interrupted? What then? Well, we have to pick ourselves up, be uplifted by great memories, and go in search of new inspiration or friendships. 

This time will be way harder than times we have felt this pain in the past, but press on we must. To live an artful life is to live a complete one and part of life is death. Part of bringing things into your life may be having them go. Such is the case here, though it is a painful pill to swallow.

Know this, I saw beauty in this animal every day of her life. She made me see beauty in not only her looks and velvety fur, but in her wonderful personality, and this I feel helped me look for beauty in my surroundings each and every day. That’s my inspiration and the gift she gave. Rest in peace Revlon.

Live an artful life,