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State of Mind

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Linda and I have been spending time here in North Carolina which has a rich arts and artisan history, and one need not go far in any direction to find the state’s artistic influences.

On top of it, once being the central hub of the furniture industry, artists, artisans and craftsman have proudly given North Carolina an arts destination designation rightfully earned.

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There are nearly fifty colleges and universities with departments of art, and additionally, you can find famous schools such as Penland School of Crafts and John C. Campbell Folk School and many art guilds and societies here. There’s also no shortage on the musical side of things either with greats such as Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Nina Simone, George Clinton, and Emmylou Harris, Doc Watson, James Taylor, on and on, all coming from NC. Actors to the likes of Andy Griffith, Ava Gardner, Julianne Moore, and a slew of great writers have too.

Art and Culture are really the fabric of this state and as an artist, I feel it and it feels good. I know I’m among people who care about art and art culture. Yep, there’s stock car racing, banking, and the beach, but there’s a lot of creativity to be found and as artists and art lovers, that is refreshing! After my 30 plus years working as an artist, I feel I once more come to a new state of mind, a time of expanded creative growth. North Carolina offers a foundation for this growth. It’s my hope that all artists find a place for them to flourish!

Live an artful life,


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