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Back In The Saddle

Photo of a summer sunrise

Well, though summer is only halfway through, it seems my summer blog break is over. The keyboard has fallen under my digits and I’m here to pass along my thoughts. Let’s begin with the fact that after some 31 years of regularly holding an artist’s paintbrush for a living, I have not picked one up for that reason for over a month, but a commission will begin before too long. Most important though is I never really, at least for income purposes, ever have to again.

Now I do share this for some sort of bragging rights, as I’ve said continuously that I am very blessed. I’ve worked hard and the universe and/or God has rewarded me with good fortune. In turn I have always tried my best to help those around me and give back to my community. It is a full circle thing you know?

I do share this information because, while I do not plan on retiring, it has been years, since what I painted (and sold) was directly tied to meals and a roof over our head. This can be a powerful thing. It can be very exploratory and exciting. Some might think intimidating, but I’ve never been intimidated by creativity. It’s a very friendly and familiar place for me to go with both my thoughts and actions. But creativity has always meant freedom to me. This, however, is a greater sense of freedom. It allows for more freedom to fail or succeed without the real possibility of unpleasant consequences.

So, first I am going to only think about self-expression through creativity and what medium allows me best to accomplish this right now. This I can say will first be done through writing. Next, I’m in new surroundings. This will allow me to better feed my artistic soul, because what fire burns without fuel, right? Certainly, none which burn brightly. This is a time to adventurously explore new subject matter, styles, and mediums. I will balance these options and re-visit painting in due time.

Creative opportunity is always ripe though and well worth picking, with the fruits of artistic labor an exciting benefit to look forward to.

Live an artful life,