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Going For It

girl climbing wall

I’m a bit of a hyper-creative type, meaning if I’m not creating something in one medium or way, I’m definitely am in another. Most know me as a painter, but to be completely honest my dear readers, I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in a while.

Worry not, I will, but since that last time I painted, I’ve written and had several articles published, I’ve shot hundreds of photographs, built a large scratch-built scale model and more. Creativity is never stagnant with me.

Here’s the important part though. I like to be paid for my work, just as many artists do. But I know some of you struggle with making this happen. I’ve sold my paintings for a span of more than 30 years, but I’ve also been paid for my photography, scale models, my creative consulting, public speaking and yes, of course, my writing. In fact, most of those things I said I’ve done since painting last have been paid freelance projects.

The key here to go for it. Like a sculptor, you have to keep chipping away at the stone to have a piece of art. You have to visualize the end result and apply yourself. You have to research avenues viable for the work you do and the products (art is a product of creativity) you make. I think the business part of it is fun and wonderfully tied at the hip to creativity. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I don’t care if you are making sculpture or music, if you wish to make income, you must acknowledge the obvious. It’s a business.

But business like art requires investment. Investment of both your time, your skill, and your money. You have to want it just as much as you love to paint or play, or act, or write. Then you must research the path forward. For working artists, this is a part of the Live An Artful Life adventure!

Live an artful life,


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