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Inspire Yourself

an abstract image for inspiration

Creativity really does begin with inspiration. But the inspiration doesn't necessarily have to come directly from others or externally. If you feed your mind generously, it will, in turn, provide your soul with creative hunger.

It’s my belief that our creative soul feeds directly off of an abundant mind, which is the storage facility itself. In other words, the warehouse of inspiration lies within the mind, but the appetite for creativity comes from the soul.

Let’s put science aside for a moment as there are plenty of ways to measure the mind, its paths and wavelengths, etc. But the soul, now that is unmeasurable. The spirit within is a funny and interesting thing. It is far more human than that thinking mass between your ears. The soul is moral, passionate or twisted and convicted. The brain might tell you you’re hungry for food, but the soul tells you to spice things up.

Still, the two are a team, one feeding the other, one intelligent, the other passionate. Would you prefer to be an intelligent artist or a passionate one? The good thing is you can be both, but you must allow your mind to be fed with endless amounts of inspiration, so it can feed your hungry soul.

So what if your soul is not hungry? This is one of two ways you develop creative block. The first is not being inspired by stress or pressure and in turn, starving your mind of new references and ideas. The second is leading your creativity mentally and not soulfully. The mind is a thing of reason, the soul is one of emotion and emotion is the connection to our love of art. Being moved by creativity is way better than just thinking about it.

Live an artful life,


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