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Art, Taste and You

A photo of drinks in different colors

In the world of art, there is a funny little word that pops up from time to time. That word is taste. Art itself is amazingly vast as we all know. The variations of creativity are seemingly endless. But, we all do not like the same things because we all have different taste.

I’m sure you have had even a best friend who seemingly has far different taste than you. Sometimes so different that you may even kiddingly question your own taste in friends. Or an artistic trend comes in and becomes the latest thing that everyone loves, and you are saying to yourself, what the heck is everyone thinking, what do they see in that?

We have all seen paintings on the wall of a gallery that we think, my, the time it must have taken to develop such skill to have painted that painting. Then in the same gallery, we see something that we have a hard time believing anyone would take seriously. This is the amazing range and power of taste.

It’s so easy to say, he or she has impeccable taste, or all in good taste, or that was poor taste. I used to also hear the joke or saying; “All of their taste must be in their mouth!” Or, there’s no accounting for taste.

Taste has also sometimes been closely linked to class and certainly can show a mean or nasty side. Creativity though, in all of its forms and mediums will display and even exploit taste to its fullest, and I frankly think this should be celebrated. Nature has its artfulness imprinted in its DNA. We see it in bird’s feathers, animal fur, and plant life. We as humans have to move beyond our DNA and display our taste, good or bad, like it or not.

Live an artful life,


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