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Live An Artful Life Review

Writing a book is one of the hardest and easiest things I’ve ever done. Easy only because of my love of writing and no shortage of experiences to share. But hardest because it’s no sprint, it’s a marathon.

I have two monthly columns I write; the first is about art for The Middleburg Eccentric newspaper, and the other for the Porsche Club of America. Call them 1000 words each and they generally roll out of me like water from a glass. But writing a book is more like having water come from a faucet. It just keeps on flowing and flowing, and you have to keep up with what’s coming out!

When you put your pen down, as it were, you are still not done. There’s having it edited, revisions, the preface and such and then the book cover’s design. It all just keeps going until one day it is a book, and it is out there in the world for all to see, all to read, for all to like or dislike. So, to have at this early point, a fat handful of 5-star reviews on Amazon, I feel a sense of relief and of being proud.

It’s natural to want to see your efforts enjoyed, but to really touch someone offers an amazing feeling of gratitude. This morning a checked Amazon to see if there was anything new and found this which made me feel very blessed indeed.

 Amazon review

Many thanks to all of you who have taken your precious time to read Live An Artful Life.


The book Live An Artful Life is available through Amazon, Apple Books, at your local bookstore or directly from the author Thomas Neel