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New Studio, New Creativity Launching Pad

Linda Neel's studio space
Here's Linda's half of our new studio space

As some of you know, Linda and I have purchased a home in North Carolina. It’s just trying something different that was the root cause of it all. In doing so, this home, with its large bonus room over the garage, offered a new studio space that is quite different from our home in Virginia.

Each and every studio is unique in its space, its light, its feel and possibly even what it brings to you in the way of tapping into your creativity. There may even be both upsides and downsides, but one must always remember, your studio is a little bit like your creative partner and also your creative tool. I’ve been known to call them launching pads. If inspiration is your fuel, your skill is the guidance system, you are the rocket. What’s left in your grand ascent is the launching pad. Your launching pad can be in the middle of a field, it can be a stage for a play, it can also be a keyboard to write your way to the moon or a recording studio.

When you place yourself on your laughing pad you should feel a sense of stimulation, a want to create. Part of making this happen is making the space (no pun intended) a workable and worthy place to release your power. Most important is that it remains ready to get you aloft. Ideas often come quickly and I’m convinced that when the opportunity knocks, you need to be able to open the door and let it in. If your studio is a mess and unequipped to take you places, well, no place is where you end up going. You fizzle out. It may be improper to use a sexual undertone here, but you need to capture the moment!

This new launching pad or studio I’ve referred to offers something very different than our three studio spaces in Virginia, in that the three have become one. The new space offers more what I would call, creative flex space. It’s a space which allows for Linda’s sewing (which was one room) and silk dying (which was open basement space) and my painting and even scale model building (which was ground floor space) to all be done in one area. So, while there are downsides, one wonderful upside is collaborative thought and conversation. While the overall space itself is smaller, its condensed size becomes more like a playpen and playpens are youthfully fun if you let them be!

Most important about this space is the prospects of it bringing something new. I’ve never endeavored to have my art career appear as a straight consistent line. I have strived to achieve new things and to go to new places. Having another launching pad greatly enhances the chances of hitting new targets and I, no, we find that very exciting indeed!