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Where Do You Fit Into the World of Art?

all the continents in colors

There’s a creative puzzle in play across the world. All kinds of puzzle pieces scattered all about, all trying to fit in. It’s a puzzle of color, a puzzle of texture, a puzzle of multi-race and culture, gender and age.

It’s a puzzle of multimedia and medium, and it’s a puzzle of grand proportion. The question for you then my artistic friend, is where do you fit in? Have you ever even wondered where you fit in the big world of art? It might be pretty overwhelming to consider but try for a moment.

As personal as art can be, it is in its greatest form, completely public. There to be shared, viewed, talked about, loved or disliked. Art is the greatest conversation, completely mental, soothing and shocking, controversial, heartwarming, psychological, philosophical, emotional and entertaining.

All of this then becomes your natural target as a creative puzzle piece. It’s not the only reason but should be a major reason why you create in the first place. There is happiness, there is having a skill, there is speaking your creative voice, but there should be including yourself into the unique, world-sized puzzle of imaginative thought and creation. It is one of the magnificent things about the human race, our ability to not only create but to be drawn to creative things!

So now, ask yourself, where do I fit into the world of art? Find the answer and find yourself. Then create your “piece” of mind!

Live an artful life,


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