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A week of Cool!

Vespa Sei Giorni, photo courtesy of Vespa
Vespa Sei Giorni, photo courtesy of Vespa

Who doesn’t like cool? Not me, I love cool. Cool is especially artful and I’m artful, so I like cool. There’s of course, all kinds of cool, like a big occasion cool, or even a nostalgia type cool. This week brought me both of those cools and a few more!

On the big occasion cool, Linda and I got to hold our new book - Live An Artful Life in our hands for the first time. Boy, that was really cool. You work on something for so long and when you finally get to touch it, it’s just so cool. If that wasn’t cool enough, we then sold our first book, which is super cool! Man, that makes me happy, because I'm proud of this book’s message.

I also acquired a Vespa scooter, which is very cool too! It’s a special Sei Giorni edition, and that is even cooler. See Giorni in Italian means Six Days. The name celebrates Vespa’s race-winning past. Back in 1951, Vespa entered 10 “Squadra Corse” (Team) scooters into the 26th Sei Giorni Internazionale enduro race, which was held in Varese, Italy. Though the competition was heavy with motorcycles, nine of their Vespa Sei Giorni scooters claimed gold medals.

If there was ever a Live An Artful Life scooter, it would have to be a Vespa! Because Vespas are like art in a fun ridable way! By the way, how about this Northern Virginia weather? That’s been pretty cool too! And I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can scoot through the inspiring countryside! Book tour anyone?

Live an artful life,


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