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Live An Artful Life - The Book!

Book cover for Live An Artful Life
Book cover for Live An Artful Life

I have successfully authored my second or actually third book. My first book “Paintings with Poetry” when completed, presented itself as more of a booklet than a real book. But it was a beginning and I wrote every word. It was though “The Land Beneath My Feet” which celebrated 25 of my now over 30 years as an artist, that really first like my first book, because I had to tell my story. Still, the majority of its pages were dedicated to photos of my paintings. This meant I was not overwhelmed with textual volume.

But for years now I have been working on the book Live An Artful Life. I suppose I wanted to give myself the challenge I had been preparing myself for since I began writing at a young age. The result is a bit of my own personal story, but much more so, it’s my philosophy on the importance of life with creativity and imagination, packaged in a way meant to help others.

While I have always held a deep passion for writing, that passion is even more so than for painting these days. Writing has been a challenge for me. First there is at least a mild level of dyslexia which made it difficult to read and still today I have bouts of words I know how to spell coming out all mixed up. For instance, a word like something may come out like smoething or somethnig. Take that one word and multiply it by many and the battle is on. Next, I never learned to type so the early days were all longhand, and today it’s cracking away with my two index fingers. Don’t feel sorry for me though, at least I have fingers. One must be mindful of one’s blessings. Right as I would blossom as a writer and an artist, my parents separated and divorced in the late 60s as I was going into high school. Trust me, this made dyslexia look like an amusement park. Then there were teachers that lacked the understanding that creativity was all I had left and tried their damnedest to crush it.

You can fight for something, but you need luck and a little support on your side. I seemed to attract all three, and like stepping on stones to keep your feet dry while crossing a creek, I got to the other side, damp, but not soaked in pessimism.

So creativity wasn’t just a fun thing for me, it has been a lifesaver because, without it, I know for a fact my life would have been very different and not in a good way. The transformation from a hard-working business person to an artist with a business mind was necessary to my growth as a person. To my survival as well, and the last 30 years have served me well and I grow to become an author.

Artist, author. I’ve had a lifetime of creativity, but I didn’t call myself an artist until I felt I honestly became one in the late 1980s. Now having been a writer since I was very young, and just in the last decade has had a few hundred of my articles or columns published, along with the two books, I am warming up to feeling like an author. Live An Artful Life will be a new chapter in my life, pardon the pun!

The book will be available soon, let’s say on Amazon by the first of March or so. Linda and I plan on having physical books in our hands by March 1st. I’m so excited, and while mentioning Linda, make no mistake, I could not have even come close to have done any of this without her. I’m lucky to have her in my wife, I mean life. Well, both work quite nicely.

Live an artful life,


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