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Live An Artful Life, The Book

Live An Artful Life Book Cover

With each week we go a little farther with the competition of my book Live An Artful Life. This week has been mostly about the cover design. A not so easy a task, I’ll tell ya that! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in that light, a book cover is worth every word you’ve written.

It must represent what is inside at a glance. To be honest, I’m sure there’s a lot of science behind it and as we are not falling back on a publisher, it’s mostly a gut thing that I hope we have gotten right.

Self-publishing has been an experience, to say the least. Linda and I self-published my 25th-anniversary book - The Land Beneath My Feet, and it was a walk in the park by comparison. The process of writing, finding the perfect fit in an editor, putting all the pieces together, cover design, interior design and hopefully getting it into your hands, has gained my respect. It’s also prepared me for my next book, which I’ve told myself I won’t start until this book is published and that should be in the next 30 to 60 days.

Writing progress continues though, as my work writing about Porsche gains ground. I’m about to have my 27th article published and I have two others closing in. This has been very enjoyable, and it’s helped me keep my head in the game while Live An Artful Life closes in on its publishing day. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Live an artful life,