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When Life Brings You Change, You Should Consider Accepting It

A landscape photo with change written in cloud formations

I’m not sure how you accept change, but I think we all have to encounter it from time to time. Sometimes it’s a small change or series of changes, and other times change can be life-altering. It’s the life-altering kind that can get a hold of your brain and twist it into knots because we as humans are pretty good with settling in. Getting comfortable is at least a little of what we do and who we are.

Of course, past big and small though, there’s also that which is within your control and that which is not. In other words, choice or no choice, but hopefully we still have options we can exercise with either and those options can at least allow us to feel some level of ownership.

Sometimes that change which feels out of our control is our life telling us we are too comfortable, as in being in a rut, as in - is this all there is? This type of change tampers with our security, but it also often takes the old dog and teaches it new tricks! This type of change often forces a grand life interruption, and it may also bring a new and improved you!

Linda and I have been not only thinking about this type of change, we have been purging in preparation. It’s that time in life to ask ourselves, (with no kids); Who will want this when I’m gone? How does this or that contribute to our well being and future? What part of this is important to our identity, or even the validation of our identities? AND - What part of this is a boat anchor, mooring us in a safe harbor and not allowing us to engage in self-exploration?

Sometimes we all need to soul search, sometimes we need to creatively search, and sometimes we just need to physically search. This requires letting go but being in balance before doing so. So as to not simply wobble about, but to have a reasonably firm footing as you make the jump. Here goes!!!!

Live an artful life,



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