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Tough Week on The Kitty Front

photo of revlon

Linda and I have had our share of pets over the years, (dogs, cats, and horses), but we are down to our last kitty.  Her sister left us about a year ago and it seems her genetics have paved the way. The point being, there’s been a lot on our plate with respect to our pets health and it most certainly takes its toll on all facets of life.

Where creativity has been a way of life, it’s now a way of taking my mind off the matters at hand. But that’s the great thing about creativity. One day it’s how you make a living and the next day it’s how you make it through a tough time. It’s universally beneficial. Quite honestly, I also have a cold, I can’t sleep, it’s 3:15 in the morning and I’m sitting at the computer typing away to you while said kitty sleeps away in the chair next to me. We have three office chairs. One for Linda, one for me and of course, one for the cat, who apparently is in charge.

So, darkness will turn to morning light. A new day will begin and creativity will have once again not only made me feel better, it will have allowed me to share with you what a great life tool it is.  Sometimes life takes a hammer to align it, sometimes it’s a ruler to measure it up. Sometimes pliers to get a grip, and sometimes a level to balance it all out. But I’m happy to know that being able to express myself is among my most cherished tools.

Live an artful life,

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