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Business Before Pleasure

A hand written graphic about planning business

As artists, we love to create and we derive a lot of pleasure from doing so. For many, this is all we care about, which is fine. But if your desire or intent is to make money from your art, even as a part-time thing, but certainly as a living, then it should be business before pleasure.

It is so natural as artists, to gravitate towards information, classes and be inspired by teachers that will make you a better artist. I get it. The problem is, I’ve seen very talented artists, even truly gifted artist fail by not giving themselves a leg up on good business practices. They take workshops and spend endless hours developing their craft, only to fail in marketing, customer service, and a general understanding of how to run a business.

If you take money for your art, even just a little. You are actually in business, and you deserve to take yourself and your business seriously. Do so by allocating time to read a business book, take a business class, getting business coaching. Even if you don’t like the business side of things, it doesn’t mean you can ignore it and may need to at least hire someone to handle affairs for you.

The most important thing though is to know enough business to not be taken advantage of.  Being business ignorant is natural, but being taken advantage of because of choosing to remain ignorant is just plain stupid. If you plan to or are selling your work, I want you to succeed and there is no better way than to get smart in business! 

Live an artful life,



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