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Why My Youthful Passion For Cars is So Relevant Today

Tom Neel kneeling by a yellow Porsche

When I was young I loved cars. I loved reading about them. I loved hearing their engines and seeing their designs. I loved watching them race on programs like ABC’s Wide World of Sports and I loved going to races with my father.

I even worked on them, but I wasn’t old enough to drive, so instead, I would build models of them and draw them … endlessly.  By the age of 13 my father taught me to drive and by high school, I wrote a car column in my school newspaper, The Midnight Sun.

Model building was very creative and allowed me to combine two of my passions - cars and working with my hands. Drawing cars provided the same thing, as did writing about cars. Creativity has always been such a blessing in allowing me to use my mind and hands to become even more deeply passionate about a subject.

Today I still paint cars and even create some models, but my writing about cars is, above all, providing me with a pathway of enjoyment just as it did when I was a young boy and man. I’ve now had around twenty-seven car related articles published in just the past 3 years and several more on the way in the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come. Cars and my creativity seem ever linked.  I’m happy that my love of cars has remained a constant part of who I am as a creative type and artist. Always look to that which you enjoy to help motivate your creativity!

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