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Pulled In All Directions and All of Them Are Good!

Lots of arrows in different directions

2018 has been a milestone year for me as an artist. I’ve now been successfully selling my paintings for over 30 years. Three decades is a long time to do anything, but creatively it’s a long time to soldier on through changing economies, political unrest, and an ever-changing art business.

Still, I’ve managed to do it and I must admit, there was only a second to breathe and say, “Now what?” Art as a way of making a living is not honestly needed at this point, (though wanted), but art, or more directly - creativity, most certainly is. You see I need to be creative or my brain will fade away into a less desirable place.

In any event, when you’ve painted or done anything for a long time, the question becomes one of how to keep things fresh. How to keep your art relevant to both you and your prospective customer base. There’s also the question of how best to express yourself after a lifetime of already doing so. For many of you, you know that writing has been a second creative passion and one that brings me great joy. It then has been the place I’ve been devoting my attention because, like painting, it requires a plan for success. It requires an investment in learning and networking and of course, practice.

The good thing is that the universe sees my intentions and is pulling me in many directions, both with my painting and my writing and all of it is good. It proves to me that as much as you must invest yourself in learning, networking, and practice, you even more so must invest yourself in your intentions. You must have a solid belief that you can be who you desire to be and being clear with the universe about this is the only way the learning, networking, and practice pays off.

Having more than one iron in the fire is not a bad thing unless the fire (passion) is not up to the task, or you can’t handle (time management) all of the kettles.


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