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female in a wheelchair

I saw a play a week ago. It was fun. All of the actors were entertaining. Oh, and all happen to have disabilities. Despite their disabilities, all mustered up some real - ability.

They all showed their fellow actors true - stability. They treated each other with - civility and showed their greatness through their  - humility. Though they have likely each been stared at and maybe heard unpleasant comments, they showed no - hostility, though all were in a place of - vulnerability.

I could keep this up, but you see my point. We are humans. Some of us are creative humans. Some of us are even creative humans carrying the title of disabled. Disabled or not, I saw humans doing something creative and not only enjoying themselves but entertaining an audience and that is not something everyone can do.

Seek the guidance of someone considered less capable than you and you just might open yourself to re-setting your compass. You might find yourself going in a new direction. Perhaps a new mind opening direction proving we all just may have our own kind of disability. 

Live an artful life, Tom

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