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Feeling Better Through Art

Global country flags

I ask myself this question. What if there were an international day of creativity? One in which every person, young and old, able and disabled, happy, sad, every race, religion, gender, and position in life, everyone, was asked, told or otherwise made to feel it should be done, created art?

It wouldn’t matter if they did so alone or collaborated, as the whole point would be an artistic world collaboration anyway. One day where the power of art to enrich our lives was so evident that every man, women, and child were connected through it. What would happen? Would we all just do it and return the next day to our selfishness, partisan and ridiculing ways, or even worse, pick up weapons and go back to killing each other?

I know it’s a view through rose-colored glasses, but the artist in me, the one who knows art has the power to heal, can’t help but wonder. Creation is honestly what we all are about. The human race is a creative one and it seems the farther we move from this in our society, the closer we get to not even being one anymore. While I guess it happens, I couldn’t imagine two people doodling while arguing about politics. There with their pens moving about, a Dem and Rep, doodling outline filled fun little sketches of apple pies, the American flag, mountains with cloud-filled skies and setting suns with smiley faces, all while sticking their unused thumb in the eye of their so-called opponent.

Art is fun, thought-provoking, skill improving, stress relieving, the universal language and of course, best of all it’s gluten free! So why is my question of an international day of creativity so far-fetched? Well, just like other international events it would sadly be turned into a competition with countries trying to host what needs no hosting and a victory going to the country with the most awards. Hum, the French may have this one in the bag, or is that baguette?

Live an artful life!