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Have You Tried Singing?

Girl singing and playing guitar

Sometimes we miss the way we should be creatively expressing ourselves. We rack our brains, painting when we should be sculpting, acting when we should be directing, playing an instrument when we should be singing!

It’s that mixed up feeling of being a square peg in a round hole when you are simply looking for a good creative fit and the best way to voice your creative opinions, emotions, visual-ness, thoughts, and feelings.

I do believe all humans have the capacity for creativity. Some exercise and grow the capacity more than others. But I do not believe anyone is pre-ordained to a medium as if it was a calling from God. I do believe we may be influenced, as by way of a parent who paints or plays an instrument. I also believe we can be wired as such, whereby proper inspiration or surroundings bring us a natural aligned path. Creativity is human nature though, and how we voice ourselves creatively is a learned skill. It is a skill which requires practice and time. The important part is if that time spent is enjoyable and rewarding or a bucket of frustration with unwanted results.

Some are amazing story authors, some amazing storytellers. An actor delivers a line, but a director delivers a vision. Both contribute to storytelling, neither may have written the actual story. Do you see yourself more so in one roll over the other? In painting, almost always the painter is not only the writer of the story, he or she is also the director and in a sense the actor as well. Frankly, I think this is what separates the best painters from the rest. They not only have the skill to paint, but they also have the ability to tell a story. Without, the painting is simply a rendering.

If you find yourself coming up empty in your creative direction, NEVER question your intentions or your own personal creative energy. Instead, realign your creative energy in a direction of power. Open yourself up to the best vehicle or vehicles to drive your message forward.

Think of these two mediums - paint and food. Both can be of color. Both can be of texture. Both require ingredients. Both use mixing. Both use a process. Both can stir the soul. Both can be of placement. Both need a support, be it canvas or a plate. Presentation matters to both. Both are extremely visual. Both are consumed by our senses and therefore in a sense, both are eaten and both can be delicious. If delicious, everyone wants you to make more. Artist, chef, painter, cook. Would you rather be an artist or a cook? Would you rather be a chef or a painter? The best cooks in the world are called chefs because they do not simply follow a recipe, they are the recipe! A painter is a person who applies paint, an artist is a person who skillfully uses paint to tell a story and connect with humanity. Find the voice that makes you feel empowered.

Some were meant to sing,
Some were meant to dance,
Some were meant to paint,
Or play an instrument by chance.

Creativity is in you,
You have a creative voice.
But the language that you choose for it,
Is more than just a choice.

Live an artful life, Tom

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