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Having Birds in The Bush - is worth two in the hand!

Two birds in hand

The old saying goes; a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. It’s a simple statement of actual possession, versus more nearby. It is a bit flawed though, especially when it comes to friends.

In that case, I would say having several great friends or even contacts, all in a nearby bush is like having more than one bird in the hand. 

We don’t own our friends or our valuable contacts, but we are very poor without them. Friends should never be thought of as a form of currency or possession, yet they are incredibly valuable. Interesting isn’t it, to have something of great value and yet have zero ownership of it?

Ownership isn’t everything. Often the best things are not possessions at all. Here are a few other examples. You live on a one-acre property, with the most amazing view, overlooking properties owned by others. You don’t own the view, but your life would be far less valuable without it.  Maybe you live in a small place, and your next door neighbor is a concert pianist, always playing wonderfully. What others pay for, your sweet ears are given for free. 

We so often overlook these gifts in life as day to day, taken for granted as we complain about the weather or other such rumblings. We may even ignore these gifts in trade for a maddening news cycle, which oddly begins to possess us! 

Live An Artful Life my friends, Live An Artful Life!