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Be inspired!
Be inspired!

This week’s blog post is about inspiration. As artists and artful life seekers, we need inspiration.

Frankly, we all need to be inspired and maybe in this silly world we live in, now more than ever.

But today, I want you to seek it more than ever. I want you to will your inspiration on.  I want you to be observant of all of the good things that come your way, see life in every color possible, hear everything, but listen only to the things that lift you up and move you forward. 

Also, as they say; it’s better to be part of the solution than part of the problem.  So, I ask you on this day of truly searching for inspiration, to take those words seriously.  If you can’t find inspiration, than be inspiring yourself!!!  Don’t bring anyone down today.  Don’t be another water cooler conversation.  Don’t complain.  Instead, grab life and lift it up and lift as many people up as you can in the process!!  Inspire and by all means desire to be inspired.  Be great and live an artful life!!!!