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Creative Hot Spot

Your creative hot spot is your launch pad
Your creative hot spot is your launch pad

The place that feeds your soul.

This week I’m going to talk about something pretty important to creative types. 

It’s what I call a creative hot spot, a place that fuels your creative soul.  For some it’s their studio, for others, it’s outdoors, and for others it can be a classroom.  Getting your creativity to properly flow in part is recognizing what it flows from.  Yes, the inner you is the primary source, but what you surround the inner you with is an additional factor. 

Take note of what you feel is your best work, the work that you yourself are happy to have created, the work that makes you feel good about yourself, the work that speaks. Now, ask yourself a few questions about a few of them. Where did you create them, and frankly, if you’re an actor, singer or dancer, the question still applies. Now try and remember that spot in more detail. Let’s say you paint in a studio. Did you do your best work during a particular season?  Did the light change because of the season?  Were you cold and therefore tense?  Some creatives can be sensitive to things like this.

If you are feeling off balance with your results, be keener to your cause and the spot where you create.  Make sure clutter is not getting in your way.  Unless that is, clutter is needed.  Make sure the scale of your work is in scale with your work area.  You want your creative hot spot to bring you creative power, not creative frustration.  It’s your launching pad!