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Dreams Are The Parallel You

Dreams are the parallel you

I know we all have hopes and dreams. Sometimes these hopes and dreams can be thought of as a parallel you, there, walking beside you after having made your hopes and dreams a reality.

The parallel you allows you to envision yourself as successfully achieving what you are driving for. This visualization tells the universe you are serious with your intentions. This is where a reality forms.

Such visualization can also become a useful tool in understanding that your intended path and reality is possibly not the best direction. Some dreams and fantasies are best kept as such. Maybe your dreams will bring unexpected complications. A great example is how two different people might handle fame and fortune. One shines, the other creates and burns.  So use you as the best judge of you.

In a creative sense, the most important thing is understanding that a parallel you is a version of the future and we humans are actually not great at predicting the future. So enjoying the you, you are today is the best way to unite you with your parallel you! And that’s a mouthful!