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Reaching For The Sky

Reaching for the sky

When we begin our creativity there are those overwhelming factors that can bring the house down before the foundation is even built.

One is biting off more than you can chew, or in this case, let’s call it reaching for the sky. There isn’t anything wrong with lofty aspirations, as long as those aspirations don’t paralyze the new creative you. You have to find a balance, that happy medium which allows the new creative you to accept you are an apprentice and not a master. That your results will be ones of continuous artistic growth.

So, if you are reaching for the sky, you “may be” over reaching and so ask yourself, how high do you have to go to be up there in it? Here’s little secret. To something as small as an ant, your head is already in the sky. So be the ant, lower your lofty standards, redefine the sky and create at a manageable level. I think you’ll find a sense of ease and soon you’ll be dancing on the clouds!