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Breaking With Tradition

Tradition, the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. This description is courtesy of Google. So let me share a thought. Sometimes I dislike tradition, especially when it comes to art. 

Traditions have a way of making us repeat ourselves and art is one place where we are suppose to grow and experiment. After all, even traditions develop. But just think what art would be like if there wasn’t any growth. I’m not saying tradition is all bad, but it can be a form of prison creatively, if we let it. Some wish for a purist approach, wanting, they say, to paint like the old masters. Even the old masters grew though, and quite a bit over the centuries. So much so, that Monet could look back on many artist we know and call them old masters. But he and others, took a different approach.


Breaking Tradition2I don’t mean to be hard on those who wish to be traditionalists. But if you find yourself wanting to explore, please, please, please, explore. Let art allow you to be adventurous. Let art be a form of personal exploration. Break with tradition and freshen yourself up. Tradition can be so set, that it makes a set of rules. Did you intend on following rules when you chose to be an artist? To be highly disciplined by others before you? Or did you say art is fun and gives me energy and thought?

Try it. In fact lets all try it. Break with tradition and see where it takes you, not where it gets you. You won’t get in trouble. The art police won’t arrest you. Hey, if they do, I’ll come bail you out.

Live an artful life!