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Are You Having Fun With Creativity?

Are you having fun with art and creativity?

I used to spend time on the racetrack, cars and motorcycles that is, and it’s known to the experienced, that the inexperienced need to be reminded to breathe. All the going fast and heavy concentration can be so overwhelming that newcomers literally end up holding their breath. They forget to breathe. So, guess what, often they forget to have fun too! They do go hand and hand. Being so focused, and yes, fearful of making a mistake, breathing and having fun become directly affected.

I love the, there are two types of…, analogies.  In this case, let say there are two types of artists, amateur and professional.  Both will always be, or should always be in a state of learning, throughout their artistic lives. But true professionals, artists who derive the majority of their income from creating art, have a different agenda. One past simply having fun. 

So, this leaves pretty much everyone else or those that I see as amateurs, and I by no means mean amateur in a bad way. Amateur artists can range from beginners to very experienced, but income from their art should not be on their minds. Having fun should! So, if you are indeed an amateur artist, please take time to ask yourself, if you are having fun with creativity? If you have to take a moment to think about it, I can pretty much guess that you are not. I don’t care how serious you are at learning your craft either, there is no motivator like fun. 

Remember, enjoy making art. Sure, challenging yourself is expected, self-improvement is important, but remember to smile. Otherwise, it’s all just digging ditches. 

Live an artful life,



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