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What Do You Do With Your Ideas?

What do you do with creative ideas that pop into your head?

Ideas are precious and they can also be fleeting. They can come at any moment, and be gone in the next. They can offer the most wonderful opportunity or become an opportunity wasted or lost. An artist without ideas becomes at best a renderer, not a true creator, so not grabbing and tightly holding an idea can be paralyzing.

Artists must find a way, anyway, which works best for them, to capitalize on saving ideas as they so often instantly come. It’s not nearly as important to use the idea right then and there in an act of spontaneity, but that’s good too. The most important thing is to properly store it. Don’t be the squirrel burying nuts all over the place, then trying to search for them in a fit of starvation. Have a system to save you.

I have used things as simple as a handwritten note on a piece of paper in a box, to emailing myself. I have been riding my motorcycle, been inspired by a time in the morning or place and repeated it over an over in my head until I stopped, pulled out my phone and sent myself an email. Whatever the best system is for you, have a collection place so when you are seemingly idea-less, you can become idea-abundant.

Live an artful life,


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