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Thank You Creativity

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be one of the easiest blog posts ever. I’m am so very thankful for good health, thankful for my wife Linda and my family. I’m thankful for faith and wonderful relationships. But trust me, I am very, very thankful for my creative abilities.

We all have to find our way in this world. Put one foot in front of the other, take the good with the bad, conquer challenges, find happiness, support our community, find peace, take advantage of opportunity, give, love, honor and respect those who serve, and live. We do not have to say thank you. Oh, but we should, every chance we get. Thankfulness and humbleness are amazing gifts. Together, they bring inner energy, confidence, forgiveness and understanding. They bring solution, mindfulness and peace.

I’m am thankful for my creativity and my resourcefulness, especially because they were my salvation in time of need. To some, art might be a pastime, to others a crutch, and to others a way to express themselves. For me, they both are the tools of life. I use my creativity and resourcefulness everyday. In fact multiple times a day, purposely, vigorously, strategically, tactically, and yes quite happily.

This Thanksgiving I wish you an Artful Life.

Live An Artful Life,