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Let The Things You Make, Make You!

An artist making art

One of the things I love most about being an artist is that the very nature of the word means I make things. Artists make art. We make music, we make dance, we make drama and we make stories. Many beginners or even emerging artists may not truly think of themselves this way, as a maker of not only things, but thought provoking things of originality and ingenuity, and human spirit.

So, do you feel this way about yourself? Maybe I should ask first if you even see yourself as an artist. Some have a problem with the title. If you are engaged in creatively making things, you are an artist. Oh, you feel that you are still learning? Okay, I’ll give you that. Problem is us artists, we never stop learning, so when do you get to call yourself one? Now. How’s that?

Okay, you fit the description of being an artist, and I just said it was okay to wear the badge. So, let the things you make, MAKE YOU! We’ve all heard the phrase, We are what we eat. Well, here’s a new one,You are what you make too!

All this really means is be proud of what you make. Own up to your accomplishment. Be an artist, and understand that what you make is uniquely you and it is only here with great thanks to your creatively and action.

You know sometimes artists have a hard time marketing their work and it’s first because they have a hard time marketing themselves. It’s that not feeling worthy thing. But the only reason your art exists is because you exist. You made it! Stand proudly by it and allow it to make you. To define you as the artist you are.