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Creative Time Of Day

Many artists find that there is a time of day when they are hyper sensitive to ideas and a free flowing mind. For me it’s the morning, just as I’m waking, but still lying in bed. My wife would tell you that I’m an idea guy, always coming up with new things. But first thing in the morning for some reason is the best time of all.

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For the most part, I have no problem going to sleep. I easily leave problems behind to be addressed with a rested mind. Morning comes and a problem may still exist, but some sort of problem solving has taken place. More often there is no problem to fix, there’s just the place for inspired thought and the morning can have me like a fuel rocket on the launching pad.

Here’s the thing, you probably have that hyper time too! Give it some thought and if there is that time when your mind is abloom, water it, nurture it and let it grow!