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You Make Things

It is not as easy to look inside your mind as it is to look at your hands. The two have a great connection though. Look at them, your hands, front and back. Look at every finger and thumb, at every line and callus. Look at your hands that make things by way of skillful touch, grasp and feel.

These creative hands are truly amazing tools of your body, working perfectly in tandem with your mind. Inspiration comes, ideas form, vision is projected and the command comes in for your hands to get to work. Make that which is thought, into that which is seen.

Hands that create
I cannot enthusiastically say enough how much I owe to my hands for allowing me to make my ideas into something real, something tangible, something considered art. It is a wonderful gift. Do not let your gift go to waste or to ever be unappreciated.

There are some without hands, yet many still find a way to express themselves, none the less. Bless them and their tenacity. When you, the handed ones create, let it be fun, but also try at some point doing so with the realized value of each digit. Be amazed at what your hands are capable of, especially when connected so freely to your mind.

Live an artful life,