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Wellness Through Creativity

We all care about health, particularly our health, and some certainly more than others. I have been fortunate to be healthy, but my parents weren’t so lucky. My father had a gene related ailment and both he and my mother were smokers. In the end their wellness failed them. Hidden message here - don’t smoke.

The other silent life robber is stress. I don’t care who you are, what you do or where you live, some stress is going to invade your life. But for many, stress is not just an invasion, it seems to be an unescapable normalcy. From the minute their eyes open, or their commute and work begins, or getting the kids off to school and running errands in traffic, the day can put the best of us into a tail spin.

I can’t help everyone here, but I can say this. I had a regular job or jobs for years before choosing to make the creation of art my career. I was in management, felt all of the frustrations of LA traffic no less, and it didn’t feel right. I made a change, and though it took some time, I believe that change was for the better, especially wellness wise. For the last 30 years I’ve been an artist. For the last 23 years I’ve lived on a quiet piece of property, commuting through the house to my studio. As time has gone on I’ve also made a very conscious effort to not take appointments that would place me into bumper to bumper traffic. I eat well, get the sleep I need and I lovingly through creativity, have the most wonderful connection between my brain, hands and heart.

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Creativity has been like a hobby living. I enjoy the challenges, the personal growth and the results. I have a lot of friends who play the great game of golf. Many unwind, but some swing themselves into frustration. That’s the balancing act that leads to wellness. Having enjoyment with your life reduces that which shortens your life.

For those of you who have taken art classes and found them frustrating, please let me offer this advice. Approach art as a beginner, as if you were in kindergarten, with low expectations of actual results and high expectations of just trying something new and fun. Next, don’t think about making money, winning an award or becoming famous. Just have fun, because if you’re having fun, stress is low and you’ll want more. Let your talent grow organically. Everything else you want out of it will only come with time, low frustration and certainly not with stressing out about it.

Allow being creative to lower your blood pressure, ease your mind and warm your soul.

Live an artful life,