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Jump Start! FIVE Inspirational Things You Can Do Today!

Five things you can do


Juices not flowing? Need some creative stimulation, ideas and thoughts? Okay, here are 5 things that may put some perk in your percolator!

  1. Grab your favorite art catalog. You know, Blick Art Materials, Jerry’s Artarama, Utrecht Art Supplies …. and flip through it looking at every page, every last one! We humans can be creatures of habit and you may be surprised at the endless goodies and creative ways to work out there that you have never gotten your inventive little hands on.
  2. The bigger version of #1 is to go to an art supply or craft store and stay out of the isles you’re familiar with. Explore the unknown, discover options, dust off the cobwebs.
  3. Doodle for 15 to 30 minutes. I tell people the best way to doodle is without thinking about it. It’s one of the most interesting ways to tap into the unconscious mind. Grab a pad of paper and a simple pencil or pen and now try turning on the TV or radio and while concentrating on what you are watching or hearing, just rest your hand on the pad and let it go. Don’t really focus on doodling, just let it happen. You’ll find it relaxing and possibly revealing. Oddly, I’ve only been on a sail boat very few times, but I doodle them constantly.
  4. Finish a single paragraph starting with these words - It was an old room, in need of some love and attention,
    but I ….
  5. Watch 5 creative videos on YouTube.

Live an artful life,