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Accepting That You Are An Artist!

The painting pallet of Linda Hendrickson
The painting pallet of artist, Linda Hendrickson

We artists can be an interesting bunch can’t we? Filled with our quirks and characteristics. One such characteristic can be just defining ourselves as artists in the first place. For some there’s intimidation in the title. That, I’m not worthy, I haven’t earned it, a fear of putting the cart before the horse. Some of this comes from seeing the amazing work of masters throughout history, placed by society in that lofty place they hold in art history.

So when do we get to assume the title of a trade and craft? When is it your turn to say to others, I’m an artist? Let me just cut to the quick. If you are reading this blog, you very likely are already an artist.

Listen, I’ll give it to you straight, that it’s probably not best to be all egotistical about it, but you need to own up to what you are before you can really move forward. Few people are going to just pat you on the back in life, so you do need to be your own cheerleader here. Let me give you a little test. 1. Are you currently creating original artistic things from scratch? Yes? Well than you’re an artist. It’s my strong opinion, that someone who simply has creative thoughts is not an artist. Artists act upon creative thought. So, you can have a creative mind, but if you do not bring those thoughts to a reality, you are not really an artist. On the other hand, if you do, you are!

Remember, there are fine artists, graphic artists, multimedia artists, three dimensional artists, musical artists and so, so much more. If you are creativity doing it, say it! I’m an artist! I believe you!

Live an artful life!